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A Complete List of All the Thoughts Going Through a Wedding Photographer’s Mind

All the thoughts that go through a wedding photographer’s mind on a wedding day.

  1. Don’t rain!
  2. I hope there’s good light.
  3. Do…not…spill…anything…on…the…dress.
  4. Must capture any and all tears.
  5. She looks so damn good I could cry.
  6. C’mon, don’t cry.
  7. I hope the groomsmen aren’t wasted.
  8. Yeah they’re kinda wasted.
  9. If anyone disrupts this first look I’ll destroy them.
  10. Awwwww he cried.
  11. I love all these people so much.
  12. Can I be part of your family?
  13. Sweeeeeeet. 1.5 minutes to sit down.
  14. Oooooh the flowers smell so nice.
  15. If someone reaches their iPhone out into the aisle they may lose an arm.
  16. My feet hurt.
  17. I’m hot.
  18. The officiant will move when they kiss, right? RIGHT?
  19. Need food immediately.
  20. Is there cake yet?
  21. The ceiling better be white.
  22. *Sniff sniff. I think a flower is on fire somewhere.
  23. Found it! All good.
  24. Hors d’oeuvres! *sheds little tear
  25. Can I just get ONE shot of the room without any people in it.
  26. My feet still hurt.
  27. BREAD!
  28. Please dear god I hope there isn’t any purple uplighting.
  29. The father of the bride’s speech is about to start. Don’t cry.
  30. I’m crying.
  31. Why does the venue ALWAYS serve us last?
  32. More bread?
  33. I have approximately 3 seconds to eat this food, aaaaaaand now there’s another speech.
  34. Don’t inadvertently sing along to the first dance song.
  35. Do a twirl please!
  36. I love these people.
  37. Where did I leave my lens cap?
  38. My job is the best.

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  1. Sarah M says:

    Why didn’t I bring deodorant with me? lol

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