Wedding Photography Lighting Guide

From mid-day sun to dimly lit dinners, handle every lighting situation that comes your way!

This 48 page, instantly downloadable guide is packed with strategies and tips that will have you ready for anything. I cover my lighting approach from the start of the day, all the way to the dancefloor. Learn how to effortlessly use window light, open-shade, bounce flash, and so much more to create beautiful photographs.

Never go into a wedding day feeling unprepared again!


"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be." 

Wedding Photography Email Templates

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I get it.  Building a brand and a business is hard.  Really hard.

And it's even harder when you do it all alone.

Elevate Mentorships

This isn't your regular photography mentorship.

We focus on how you can develop and communicate your professional truth. You deserve a business you can be truly proud of, because it's in alignment with your style, philosophy, values, and aesthetic. 

Through three months of being photography BFFs, we will:

\ Dig deep to discover your professional truth; a mix of your values and style.

\ Set achievable goals.

\ Learn techniques to make your photos that much more beautiful.

\ Develop a communication strategy to reach your ideal clients.

And hey, maybe we can even do a shoot together ;)

Invest in Yourself for $1700


After finishing my degree in political science at the University of Toronto, I dabbled in a number of different careers; journalism, fitness instructor, web editor, you name it. Finding myself creatively unfulfilled, I decided to take some time to travel, and eventually I found myself in New York City. It was there that I began shooting headshots for actors and performers. 

Upon returning to my hometown Toronto, I combined my passion for photography with my life-long desire to start a business, and founded Alix Gould Photography in 2012. 

Now, I get to spend my days (and often nights) doing something that continues to challenge and inspire me. And I get to spend each weekend with some of the loveliest, most genuine people that ever decided to exchange rings.

I am so grateful. 

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