I believe your photographs should give you the same feeling as that song you've listened to 1000 times.

They should represent the care and creativity you took when curating the most beautiful day of your lives, by focussing on your personal style and details. 

Your images will have an editorial approach and have your artistic vision at the forefront. 

At its core, a wedding day is a beautiful combination of all sorts of emotions. The anticipation, the happy tears, the bittersweet moments, and the laugh-your-whole-heart-out joys.

Capturing those moments makes my heart happy.

The day will pass in an instant, but the emotions will live on through your photographs. 

Your wedding day is a beautiful, authentic expression of your tastes, and who you are as a couple. 

This wonderful celebration, with all it's finer elements, will be captured to reflect the joy had by all.  

Your sense of style and aesthetic will come through in every photograph. 


Connecting with my couples is at the heart of what I do. 

I will definitely remember you one, three, and ten years after your wedding, and be so excited to see where life has taken you.

Black denim jeans and cotton t-shirts are my jam.

When my camera's not with me, I can be found with my husband and beautiful daughter - the loves of my life.

I am committed to fostering equality, and capturing love in all of its beautiful forms 

Let's talk about what makes you "you", and plan how to capture it authentically.


lead photographer

With a love for visual storytelling and a passion for the artful, I combine editorial beauty with raw emotion to create timeless imagery. 

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada the road to photography began as a political science student at the University of Toronto. I self-taught my way from a hobbyist to professional, and find myself so grateful to be able to document some on the most beautiful weddings out there. 

I value kindness, honesty, and openness in all humans. 

When not behind the camera, I can be found sipping coffee at my favourite local shop, travelling the globe in search of inspiration, and falling ever more deeply in love with my husband and daughter. 

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