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5 Things Wedding Photographers Can Do in the Off-Season

Wedding photographer in the off season

As the wedding photography season winds down in the fall, photographers start to crave a little rest and relaxation during the off-season. Our feet are sore, our hands are weathered from shooting and editing, and there’s nothing like spending the holidays away from our cameras and our computers.

But as January rolls on, that relaxation can turn into anxiety. With few or no weddings to shoot in the months ahead, it can seem like you’re not doing enough to grow your business.

In fact, this is the perfect time to grow your business. In the off-season, you can do all of those things you didn’t have time to do in the summer months.

Here are 5 things every wedding photographer can do in the off-season.

1. Set Goals

I don’t mean sit around and day dream about shooting a luxe wedding on the coast of Spain. I mean taking the time to think up, and most importantly write down, your goals for the year ahead.

That can be how much money you want to make, how many weddings you want to shoot, who you want to work with, or even how you want to establish a work\life balance.

2. Get Creative

This is the perfect time to collaborate with other vendors on a style shoot, or do a creative solo project.

We spend the entire season capturing images for others, and it’s important to do something that feeds your creative soul.

It’s also a great way to build and expand your portfolio to suit your brand.

3. Taxes

Yeah I know, this is the boring part. But a necessary task for every small business owner. So pull out those spreadsheets and your calculator and get cracking.

You’ll thank yourself in April when everyone else is freaking out.

4. Redo Your Marketing Materials

Chances are, you’ve taken some amazing photos over the last year, and you should show them off!

Your website, pamphlets, handouts and email templates can probably all use some updating.

Remember to always stay true to your brand when creating anything that goes to clients, or potential clients.

5. Educate Yourself

Even the most seasoned wedding photographers should always take the time to learn from others.

Take a workshop, find a mentor, do an online course, or simply scour YouTube for the best tips and tricks. In this ever-changing industry, the wedding photographers that stay up to date with technology and aesthetics will have the best chance at remaining relevant for a long time.

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