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Top 10 Wedding Moments of 2018

It’s one thing to take your time, check the lighting, pose your couple, and take the perfect photo.

It’s quite another to capture the authentic, honest moments throughout a wedding day. And even more challenging to do it in a beautiful way.

And don’t get me wrong, I loooooove wedding portraits. But my favourite images from a wedding day are the ones that you can’t plan for – the organic moments. The beautiful, raw, emotional moments that will be remembered forever, and fill you will all the feels. You don’t know when or where they’re going to happen, but you better have your camera at the ready.

Top 10 Wedding Moments of 2018


Sometimes, right in the middle of putting on your wedding dress, you get a little extra love from mom.


This dog, who just couldn’t deal.


I get it buddy, those cakes look insanely delicious. Thankfully, mom is there to make sure you don’t face plant directly into them.


Don’t worry everyone, we still have most of the champagne. Crisis, averted.


Sometimes the most memorable moments are when you take a few minutes alone with your love. It’s even more memorable if your photographer sneaks a pic without you knowing.


Oh, the Horrah. The most fun, and most dangerous of wedding traditions. I was only elbowed in the ribs about 7 times during this one.


That time when Mom, Dad, and sister gave Serena a very special gift and literally everyone cried.


I’m not going to pretend I didn’t tear up a bit behind my viewfinder during this mother/son dance. So genuine, so raw.


My personal favourite first look of 2018. The range of emotion is complete, from surprise to joy to tears. All in a matter of seconds.



There are rare, rare moments when everything lines up to take the perfect photograph.

For a late October wedding, it was unseasonably cold that day, and bride Serena was so worried the chilliness and potential freezing rain was going to dampen the fun. But luckily, it stayed dry for the majority of the day, and only started to snow these big, gorgeous, oh-so-photogenic wet snowflakes after the reception had started.

Seeing the flakes out the window, I grabbed the couple and ran outside. I didn’t know how long they would last!

We ran to the parking lot, obviously not my favourite spot to take wedding photos. But to my great joy, some random stranger had been idling his car with the headlights on right outside the front doors.

And here we have it. The perfect mix of love, joy, passion, relief, and beauty.

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