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5 Things I Learned Being a Bride

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I have photographed 100+ weddings. So when it came time for me to be the bride, I figured, “No biggie. I’ve seen it all. I know what to expect!” Oh how wrong I was. I had NO idea what it was like to be a bride.

Your own wedding day is truly an incredible experience. It’s something no one can adequately explain to you or prepare you for. And it’s the actual best!

Here are 5 things I learned being a bride.

1. Butterflies are Real

Some time about half-way through getting your make-up done, your stomach will do a little flip. Then you’ll find yourself taking intentional deep breaths. And then that stomach flip again. And suddenly you have to pee every ten minutes (maybe that was just me).

Then 10 minutes before the ceremony you start shaking, maybe because your cold, maybe cause you’re nervous, or maybe both? Then your yogi bridesmaid has to grab your hands, look you in the eye and guide you through “horse breath” (google it) until you feel better.

Alix Gould gets her Make up done by the art of make up and hair

2. You Really Don’t Eat

But not for the reasons I thought.

I always heard brides say this, and I thought it was because there was no time in between talking to guests, speeches, and doing other bride duties.

But nope. It’s because the adrenaline/joy/nervous cocktail that’s running through your system somehow renders your appetite down to nothing.

I had one bite of a taco at a my late night station. Such a travesty.

3. You Don’t Care About the Weather Nearly as Much as You Think You Will

My weather forecast kept getting worse and worse all week long and I was FREAKING OUT!

But when I woke up to rain smacking against my hotel window, it somehow didn’t bother me. The excitement and joy of the day totally outweighed the crappy weather. Everyone’s in such a good mood, and that shines a light on even the rainiest wedding.

Plus, the clouds parted just in time for the ceremony anyway, so all my worrying was for nothing.

  • If I hadn’t had a solid rain plan for photos I would have been way more upset the day of. Come up with an indoor option and do it early! If you wait until you see the weather report, chances are indoor spaces will be booked.


4. You Won’t Remember Half the Things that are Said

Hell if I can remember all the nice things people said about us during their speeches. I have a few intact flashes, but that’s about it.

All the more reason to record your ceremony and speeches! Photographs can capture a lot (IMO obviously) but what they can’t capture are the words that are spoken. Even if you just get a friend to hold up their iPhone, it’s worth it.

Couple laughs at the reception of their archeo wedding

5. The Aftermath is a Wave of Emotions

When me, my new husband, and the few hardcore partiers got back to the hotel at 2:30am, I couldn’t wait to replace my dress with sweats and take out all my hair extensions. I had the absolute best day of my life, but was so glad it was over.

All the planning, the wondering, the worrying, and the nitty-gritty details were behind me, and I had wonderful memories to replace them.

That feeling of relief continued on our mini-moon, but then as that week came to an end and “real life” loomed, I got a bit bummed out. Why couldn’t we just stay in this love bubble forever? I didn’t want to go back to emails and HST payments.

Whatever you feel after the day is normal and understandable. But now you’re married! You have someone who’s legally obligated to listen to you. Take advantage 😉

Bride and groom embrace at the distillery district for their wedding photos


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  1. SARAH says:

    Ally did a great job as you knew she would! Your wedding photos are stunning, and so were you ,Alix , a beautiful Bride Congratulations Alix!
    Hugs SARAH

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