You should know by now that I love me a good at-home photoshoot. This Wychwood Barns engagement shoot started in Isabelle and Adam’s seriously swoon-worthy condo, and then moved to Isabelle’s childhood neighbourhood.

The Plan

This was not your average condo. Being in a converted old church, many of the original elements were salvaged, none more beautiful than the stained glass windows! So much character and charm. It was a no brainer to start the engagement shoot there to capture a moment in time for these love birds.

Isabelle grew up not far up the street in the Wychwood Barns neighbourhood. Like so many Toronto neighbourhoods, it’s changed a ton over the years, and the converted old street-car maintenance facility is now a hub for community activities and local artists. Not to mention a fabulous place for an engagement session.

It has brick exteriors, an absolutely beautiful garden area (yay Sunflowers!) and is right next to Wychwood Park, one of the most interesting and lovely residential areas in Toronto. The huge trees make you feel like you’re far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Isabelle and Adam, you nailed it. The outfits, the location, your very adorable way of interacting with each other – it was a pleasure to capture. Looking forward to lots more exposed brick and white dresses next summer at the Jam Factory!


Wychwood Barns Engagement Shoot


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