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What Should I Be Worried About on my Wedding Day?

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I thought I knew it all. I had shot well over 100 weddings, seen every kind of scenario possible, and assumed I knew what my couple’s were going through.

Then I was a bride myself.

Being a bride has given me an entirely new perspective that has wonderfully informed what I do professionally. It’s made me a better photographer, and given me a deep understanding that when it comes to your wedding, rationality and emotion have an interesting dynamic.

As a photographer, and former bride myself, here are the things I think you should, and shouldn’t, worry about on your wedding day.

1. The Weather | DON’T WORRY

I say this, but chances are you will anyway.

The entire week leading up to my wedding, it called for an epic thunderstorm. I checked the report about every 10 seconds hoping for a change, and it really negatively impacted my mood. Turned out, the report was wrong and my outdoor ceremony was saved, so I really had worried for no reason. And even if it had been right, there was nothing I could have done anyway.

As a photographer, I’ve shot on tons of rainy days, and it doesn’t have nearly the impact on the day that you think. Guests are so happy for you, and the love that surrounds you shines brighter than the sun anyhow.

Plus, rainy photos are gorgeous.

Have a solid “rain plan” and let it pour!

Black and white rainy wedding photo.

2. Your Vendors | DO WORRY

By this, I mean DO worry if your vendors are giving you cause to worry. If they’re not responding to your emails, not on the same page with your vision, and just generally giving you the sense that they don’t have their sh*t together, it might be time to make other arrangements.

Keep in mind that wedding vendors do have other clients and weddings on their plate, but if they’re not being professional, that can be a problem.

Be clear with them what your expectations are for the big day, and if you still feel like they haven’t picked up the slack, looking into last minute back-up plans might be worth the effort.

If you’ve hired awesome talented pros that are living up to everything they promised, then awesome! Worry not.

3. Will this person get along with that person? | DON’T WORRY

Weddings are weird days. It’s the only time all the people in your life come together in one room, and it can be anxiety provoking to think of such wildly different people getting along. It was for me.

But somehow, in the vast majority of situations, they just do.

Even if you have family members that don’t like each other, or friends that have long-term grievances, they are there to support and love YOU, and generally behave themselves.

Bridemaids cheers at graydon hal

If they decide to make it all about them, feel free to go full blown bridezilla. They probably deserve it.

4. Your Schedule | DO WORRY

This is one of those things that’s crucial to a successful wedding day, and should be given a lot of attention.

Do you have enough time to get ready? For travel? For photos? To eat and go the bathroom?

Wedding days are an orchestra of coordination between the venue, the couple, the vendors, the family members, bridal party, and guests. Even small, intimate weddings need a schedule that makes sense. Without it, couples just get overwhelmed and stressed.

Make sure you have enough time for everything, and that everyone is properly notified of where they need to be and when.

A good schedule doesn’t inhibit spontaneous, lovely moments. Quite the opposite. The structure allows them to thrive.

Pro tip: Schedule 10-ish minutes for you and your new spouse to spend alone. I did, and it was one of the best decisions we made.

5. What if I look terrible in all the photos | DEFINITELY DON’T WORRY

Pretty much every single client says to me, “I’m so awkward in photos.” Yet, I think they end up looking pretty fab, don’t you?

First of all, your hair and make-up people will ensure you look your absolute best! And second of all, we pro wedding photographers know all the best tips and tricks to create those beautiful, natural images.

No need to worry about it for one second.

Must have wedding photo pose

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