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Timeless Simplicity | Madalena + Justin’s 50 Sussex Wedding

Couple inside at 50 Sussex in Ottawa for their wedding photography

If you know me, you know I love to travel. So when Madalena and Justin asked me to photograph their 50 Sussex wedding in Ottawa, I jumped at the chance.

Four and a half hours on Via Rail later, I was checking into the beautiful Le Germain Hotel right downtown.

Madalena’s sense of style is second to none, so I knew this wedding would be beautiful, but even I was taken aback by how perfectly simple and timeless it was.

The Couple

Madalena and Justin are two of those people that just fit together. It’s hard to put your finger on, but there’s something about the ease in which they interact, the little looks they give each other, and the clear mutual respect that makes their relationship seem effortless.

There was something about this girl that made me feel like I had to work with her. We just understood each other, and seemed to be on the same page about everything. When she showed up to her engagement session wearing this, I was like, “Damn. This girl has style.”

You both were a dream.

The Big Day

One of the things I always suggest to couples is to limit travel on your wedding day as much as possible. They took my advice to the next level, with their hotel rooms being 20 feet away from each other, and only about 5 minutes away from 50 Sussex. There’s nothing worse than spending a good chunk of your wedding day in traffic.

A photographer couldn’t have asked for a better hotel to photograph in. The space you get ready in makes such a massive difference in the quality of the images, and Le Germain couldn’t have been better.

It was a good thing they didn’t have to go far, as the weather in Ottawa wasn’t exactly cooperating that day. Rain, sleet, and snow, pretty much all day long. But luckily, 50 Sussex is full of natural light, so there was no need to venture outdoors.

The couple, and about 35 of their closest family and friends cozied up to a family style long table overlooking the Ottawa River, and nothing but love surrounded them.

The Details

This wedding proves that simple does not equal boring or plain. This is simplicity at its finest.

With their simple colour palette of black and white, accented by lovely potted herbs and classic touches, it will never go out of style.

Madalena looked like she could be a bride in 2019, or 1919. Truly timeless.

I love these images so much. They represent the love and kindness that Justin and Madalena are all about.

50 Sussex Wedding

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