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How a DJ Can Make or Break Your Wedding

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Let me guess. Other than walking down the aisle and saying your vows, you CAN’T WAIT to get to the end of the night for the party to begin. But hold on. Here’s some insight on how a DJ can make or break your wedding.

Fields on West Lake dancing and reception

Not all wedding DJs are created equal. And no, it’s not the same as just putting together a playlist and pressing play. A good DJ knows when to lift the crowd up and when to calm them down, what songs to play depending on the age demographic on the dace floor, and how to handle any technical difficulties so you don’t have to.

And don’t forget their MC duties, if they’re tasked to do so.

I could go on and on about how a bad DJ can ruin everything, but don’t take it from me. Here’s Jeff from ImpactDJ to give you some expert insight on what it takes to be a successful wedding DJ.

1. What’s the biggest mistake a DJ can make?

You can label if different ways but the biggest mistake is not reading the crowd! Song selection is a key DJ skill and will make or break any event. And each crowd is different! The set you did last week may not work with the group you’re playing to tonight. Reading the crowd, feeding off their energy and playing the right song at the right moment will make you the best DJ your client has every seen! 

2. How much does experience matter?

A lot. A great DJ doesn’t always make a great wedding DJ. Experience in dealing with crowds of all types, setting up sound and lighting equipment in a variety of venues (including any “technical difficulties”) and being able to make quick and important decisions on the fly are all necessary attributes. And of course the music. Experience and knowledge of your 50s Rock and Roll as much as your current Top 40 and everything in between is crucial. 

3. What makes DJing a wedding different from other events?

Weddings are a different beast for sure. Unlike most bar, pub or club nights where your audience is more of a specific demographic, a wedding has everyone from 8 to 88 years old representing different cultures, backgrounds and music tastes. A great wedding DJ needs to appeal to all those ears and ensure everyone is having as much fun as possible. And don’t forget about the MC component. Unlike other DJs, a wedding DJ is often asked to make announcements, introductions and be a sort of host of the evening. The DJ needs to speak clearly and with confidence to ensure a smooth experience from start to finish. 

First dance with bride and groom at this beautiful Credit Valley Golf Club Wedding

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