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The 10 Most Beautiful Engagement Session Locations in Toronto

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You’re engaged! You’re happy, excited, and eager, and you want to capture this moment with pictures that reflect how you’re feeling. You want your engagement pictures to be spectacular. But, with so many engagement session locations in Toronto to choose from, there’s a lot to think about!

Toronto has many impressive locations for engagement shoots, but some are better than others. Here are my faves.

The 10 Most Beautiful Engagement Session Locations in Toronto

1. High Park

High Park is stunning, especially in late April and early May when the cherry trees are in blossom. Its outstanding splendour makes it a popular choice for engagement pictures. 

There are so many different views in High Park to capture. The lakefront makes a dazzling background, the cherry trees are amorous, and the diverse vegetation can result in beautiful engagement pictures.

And when the fall leaves start to turn? This is your spot.

Keep an eye on their website to see when the cherry blossoms hit their peak. But if you do decide to capture the sakura, it’s best to go very early in the mourning to avoid the hundreds of people who also want to bask in their splendour. There’s nothing like tourists with selfie sticks to ruin a good engagement session.

Engagement photo with cherry blossoms in high park

2. Trinity Bellwoods/Queen West/Ossington

Both the park and the surrounding neighbourhoods are fantastic places to take your engagement photographs.

You get a oh-so-green look if you go venturing through the park. And of course, there’s the iconic gate.

The possibilities for pictures in the neighbourhood are infinite. You could take pictures in front of various super cool coffee shops or while walking through the neighbourhood streets.

The first few weeks of summer are by far the most popular, when the park is littered with people enjoying a picnic, playing frisbee, and various other random activities. And although it’s one my personal favourite spots to enjoy an afternoon, it’s probably a little too packed for photos at this time.

Check out this engagement session to get a full idea of what’s available.

Engagment photo of couple and their two dogs outside Sam James Coffee shop on Queen Street

3. The Distillery District

Who doesn’t love exposed brick, vintage storefronts, and cobblestones? The Distillery District is THE spot if you’re looking for that old-world vibe.

Doing your engagement there does require a permit, so visit the website ahead of time. Also watch out for festivals and market that can make the space over crowded.

Black and white image of couple with a vintage jean jacket for their engagement shoot in the distillery district

4. The Toronto Islands

If you’re going for beaches, nature, quaint little homes, and a great view of the city skyline, the Toronto Islands are the place for your shoot.

You also have the opportunity to take pictures on the Toronto Island Ferry.

Plan a little extra time to get over there, but maybe stay for a romantic mini-getaway.

Justin Holl and fiance Audrey on the Toronto islands for their engagement shoot

5. Polson Pier and Cherry Beach

You can never go wrong with having your engagement session with the city at your back. The pictures are simple and beautiful.

At Cherry Beach, you can have your pictures taken as you wander and explore the shoreline, walk through the forested areas, or stroll along the pier of an old boat house. 

Plus, it has the BEST skyline view in the city.

Couple at cherry beach for their engagement session

6. Evergreen Brick Works

The Brickworks has both awe-inspiring buildings and scenery, which make it an ideal location for engagement sessions.

You can take pictures around the beautiful vintage buildings, at the pond, in the vast fields, and in the graffiti filled interior.

To take pictures in this location, you will need a permit. You can learn more about how to attain a permit here.

Engagement session at Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto


7. The Scarborough Bluffs

In the Scarborough Bluffs, you can get a romantic, relaxed look without travelling too far from the city. It feels like you’re in the Algarve! 

They feature unique views of the bluffs, Lake Ontario, beaches, beautiful gardens, and trails.

8. Liberty Village

Think of this as the Distillery District without the hefty permit fee.

The old brick buildings, green painted doors and industrial vibe make it the perfect stop for vintage-inspired couples. Check out this engagement session to see more.

Plus, it’s short drive to the water if you want to end with some sunset pics.

High end engagement session in the old brick neighbourhood of Liberty Villge

9. The University of Toronto

If gothic architecture and a campus vibe is your thing, UofT is the place to go.

From Hart House, to Victoria College, there’s no shortage of beautiful spots any time of year. Have a look at this shoot for proof.

Man holding bride in his arms and swinging around at the arch at Victoria College, Toronto photographed by Alix Gould

10. Dundurn Castle

Okay, this isn’t in Toronto. But it’s close. Take a trip down the QEW to Hamilton where this absolute gem of a place rests.

It’s truly unique in this part of the work for its architecture. Plus, it has beautiful natural surroundings in you want to incorporate a bit of nature into your photos as well.

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