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My Post-Wedding Routine

Everything you need to keep your couples, and yourself, happy.

The wedding may be over, but a wedding photographer’s job has only just begun!

Shooting a wedding is a mentally and physically tiring job. At the end of the night, I feel this weird mix of exhilaration and happiness for my couples, and the deep need to spread way out on the couch with a glass of wine. Double both of those feelings if I’ve shot two weddings in the same weekend.

My post-wedding routine is super important. It keeps me focussed, driven, and allows me to recoup that energy that I’ll need for the next weekend.

From the moment I leave the venue, here are the steps I take.

Step 1 | Shake It Off

I find myself with a TON of energy from the day still swirling around on my drive home. Instead of having peace and quiet, I usually blast music in my car and sing along like a crazy person until a I feel like I’ve expelled that energy from my body.

So yeah, if you see a crazy lady singing along to Lizzo in her car like a crazy person, it’s probably me.

Step 2 | Upload and Back-Up

I do this the night of, before I go to bed. Yep, that’s right. The night of.

Sure, I may be exhausted, but these photos are too important to not be treated with the highest standard of care. So, usually with a glass of wine in hand and Netflix on in the background, I upload all of the photos to my drive.

Those photos then upload overnight to my cloud back-up service, and are safe and sound.

Doing it the night of not only protects my couples’ images, but also allows me the peace of mind to truly relax.

Step 3 | Analog Time

I spend the following day doing as many things as I can away from devices. I read, go for a run, have a bath, park myself on a patio, or just a walk to a coffee shop.

Okay okay fine, I may bust out the iPad to watch Netflix, but the point is, I’m allowing my brain some time and space to recharge.

I really, really have to fight the urge to go look at all the photos and pick out my sneak peeks (and I don’t always succeed) but those can wait until Monday.

Step 4 | Manage Your Mondays

Speaking on Monday, this is a really crucial day in the life of a wedding photographer. It’s often the only day where those “life-things” can get done. During the busy season, it’s pretty difficult to take Monday off completely, so I do get some work done, while keeping it low key.

I answer emails in my pajamas, edit my sneak peeks while my laundry is getting done, or schedule my calls in between vacuuming and windexing the mirrors.

If you treat Monday like a full blown work day, those “life-things” tend to fall by the wayside, and can lead to a ever-growing mountain of added stress.

Step 5 | Food is Fuel

This is true and any and all days, not just the ones following a wedding day. Food is fuel for your body, mind, and your creativity. You don’t have to be a saint (believe me, I’m not) but keeping up a healthy diet full of lots of greens, healthy fats and protein is essential to manage your energy levels throughout a busy wedding season.

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