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Five Questions to Ask Your Couple Before the Wedding

There’s a lot of talk about all the work that goes into to shooting and editing a wedding. But the work that you put in BEFORE the wedding can go a super long way towards creating beautiful images that your couples with fall in love with.

Here are 5 questions you should ask you couple before the wedding.

1. The Logistics

I know this may seem obvious, but asking your couple to provide all of the logistical information is key to having a wedding day that runs smoothly.

You need the schedule, addresses, phone numbers, and names and contacts for other vendors. The more details the better!

If the couple is working with a planner, it should be that planner’s job to provide everything you need.

2. What Are Your Colours/Vibe/Theme?

This is so, so important to know going into the wedding day! It affects a ton of creative decisions.

If your couple is all about the minimalist whites and greys, you’ll incorporate that into how you style their details, your choice of photo background, etc. If they’re going for a lush, summery garden vibe, you’ll style things very differently.

Of course, you have your own style and own approach. But within that approach, you can cater to the unique qualities of each wedding.

3. Any Special Circumstances I Should Know About?

Perhaps the bride’s grandfather just passed away, the groom’s parents are divorced, or everyone just can’t stand Uncle Charlie but had to invite him anyway.

Knowing these circumstances ahead of time can help you avoid awkward or emotionally difficult moments.

Your couple will be very grateful.

4. Do You Feel the Timeline Allows You Time to Breathe?

You’ve done this many times before, but your couple hasn’t. You know that being too rushed can take away from the enjoyment of the day.

Having a timeline that allows for some downtime, and gives you plenty of time to do your job properly, is crucial to not only the success of the photos, but your couples’ happiness.

5. What is Most Important to You?

This isn’t directly wedding photography related, but perhaps the most important question you can ask.

I’ve heard so many different answers to this question. Everything from “Partying with all my friends,” to “Honouring our parents and family” to “Having our wedding be magazine worthy”. There is no right or wrong answer.

Once again, you should always stick to your style and approach. But knowing the answer to this question can help you direct your focus and manage your time.

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