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Graydon Hall Wedding | Meagan + Matthew

Graydon Hall Wedding

What makes for a great wedding? The food? The music? The decor? Yes, yes and yes. But what really makes a fabulous wedding is the people and the love that surrounds the day. Meagan and Matthew’s summer Graydon Hall wedding had all of those things, and so much more.

There were many times throughout the day and the editing process when I had to fight back tears, reliving all the wonderful emotions that came from, and surrounded, the couple on their wedding day. “Get it together Alix, you barely even know these people!” But that’s just it. Meagan and Matt and their family and friends welcomed me into their circle, and gave me a glimpse into the amount of love that they have for each other.

It was so, so lovely to witness.

The Couple

I first met Meagan in a coffee shop on an early spring day over a year ago. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this was my kinda girl. She was open and honest, and I just wanted to keep hanging out with her to be honest.

A few months later, I met Matt while photographing their engagement session on a family farm. Matt, I know you were a little hesitant about the whole photo thing, but I think you both looked pretty damn great don’t you?

One thing was clearly evident. These guys like eachother. A lot.

The Day

One of the most important things to Meagan on her wedding day was to honour her brother Mike, who passed away a few years ago. She cut out a piece of one on his t-shirts to be sewn into her dress, keeping him close to her heart all day long. And she walked down the aisle with one of his guitar picks in her bouquet.

It was as if the entirety of Graydon Hall had a love swirling all around it. They shared many tears, even more laughs, and partied like there was no tomorrow – which unfortunately there was, and I’m sure it wasn’t a pleasant morning for a few guests. TOTALLY worth it.

I mean, why not stop for a shot of Sambuca with your Dad half way down the aisle? It’s a moment to celebrate!

Despite going through something most of us can only imagine, Meagan smiles deep from her soul. It truly lights up a whole room (or in this case, a whole terrace).

Okay, I’m about to cry again. Moving on.

The Details

This is pretty much my dream summer wedding day. Greenery everywhere, classic signage, and cocktails that made we want to break my ‘no drinking on the job’ rule. (I didn’t).

Meagan dreamed up the most gorgeous, stunning, timeless day. And with the help of Nagham from Love by Lynzie, it couldn’t have been more perfect. I pretty much couldn’t take a bad picture. Like, at all.

The terrace at Graydon Hall is always amazing, but this time it was extra beautiful. The wooden tables mixed with the stone architecture beautifully, and the stunning flower arrangements by Flower 597 made it feel like the best garden party you’ve ever been to.

And let’s talk about that flower arch! It looked like it was part of the surrounding scenery, like you couldn’t tell where it ended and garden began.

Not to mention how drop dead Meagan and her bridal party looked.

Seriously, this Graydon Hall wedding had it all.

The Team

Photography | Alix Gould Photography

Planning | Nagham from Love by Lynzie

Flowers | Flower 597

DJ | Impact DJ

Music | GTA Strings

Videography | SRS Film Making

Invitations | Bluebell Paper and Press

Hair and Make-Up | CB Beauty

Bride’s Dress | Tara Lauren

Bridesmaids Dress | Mori Lee

Graydon Hall Wedding

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