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Engagement Shoot Style Tips

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The wedding day is easy. You’ve got the dress, he’s got the tux, done and done.

The engagement session? Not so much. With virtually limitless options when it comes to clothing and accessories, it can seem a bit overwhelming.

Here are a few style tips to help guide you.

1. Location, location, location!

You want the images to look natural and uncontrived, so dressing appropriately for the setting is key. Doing your engagement shoot at the beach? It’s probably not the best idea to wear a formal evening gown or suit jacket.

2. ‘Tis the season

Different times of year have different colours, fabrics, and patterns associated with them.

If your shoot is in the fall or winter, bust out those knits and scarves. If you’re taking photos in the spring or summer opt for lighter, brighter colours and fabrics, and florals and pastels.

3. Neutrals

Whites, greys, browns, and creams are your friends. They let the focus be on you and your boo, rather than bright colours and patterns.

4. Accessorize!

This is where you can add all those fun, colourful elements. Think scarves, heels, jackets, nail polish, belts, bowties, and socks. They add personality to the images without being overwhelming.

Extra points if they have a special meaning, or are part of your history together.

5. Coordinate, don’t match. 

There’s no need to be twinning for your session. It can look forced (and to be honest kinda lame) if you’re both wearing a matching set of grey t-shirts and jeans. Compliment each other instead. If one of you wants to wear all grey, maybe the other can have a bit more colour. Someone wants to wear red? Neutrals compliment much more nicely than blue or green.

You do, however, want to match when it comes to mood. If you’re in a maxi dress and heels, get your guy to take off the ripped jeans.

6. Get a manicure!

There’s gonna be lots of focus on that ring on your hand, so having polished, pretty looking nails and hands is a must. You can have fun with the colours, or just go for clear.

7. Be yourself. 

Your engagement session is a time to totally express yourself, and who you are as a couple. That should be reflected in your style choices. If you would never wear those clothes otherwise, leave them on the hanger.

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