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5 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting the “Right” Wedding Photography Leads

You have a website, active social accounts, and a photography portfolio you’re proud of. You get enough inquiries and leads coming in, but for some reason, they don’t quite align with your photography style or approach.

What gives?

Here are 5 reasons why you’re not getting the inquiries that make you want to jump and scream, “I’d LOVE to shoot THAT wedding.”

  1. You’re not communicating effectively

You’re a visual person, but the majority of your potential clients are NOT. They need to be told in WORDS about your style and approach. If you’re a documentary wedding photographer (or editorial, or timeless, or whatever) don’t just rely on your photos to communicate that.

Write it down. On your website, on your socials, everywhere.

In order to connect with the right couple, they need to understand what sets you apart .

2. You don’t have pricing info listed

You don’t have to have your entire price list on your website, but you need to give clients something to go on.

You want to ensure that a couple’s budget is aligned BEFORE they reach out. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of your time and theirs.

Having a starting price or average price listed somewhere on your website ensures leads that are more likely to book, and more likely to see your value.

3. Lack of consistency

Confusion is the #1 thing that will turn people away. If your style is all over the place, clients don’t know what to expect.

Only promote images that you KNOW align with the couple you’re trying to reach and the style that you’re proud of. That might mean you have to cull a bunch of images from your website and instagram, and that’s okay.

Less is more!

4. There isn’t enough of YOU

There are a lot of really great wedding photographers out there, but what will attract your dream client is a connection to YOU.

You don’t have to share your deepest, darkest secrets with the world if you don’t want to. But you do need to share about who you are outside of photography. What are your hobbies? Your likes, dislikes? Are you a parent? Living the single life? Do you love to travel? Drink coffee? Play board games?

Whatever makes you YOU will speak to the right people. Be authentically yourself and you’ll be surprised what you attract.

5. Your inquiry response email doesn’t have the right info

This is your very first direct communication with a potential client, make it count!

In addition to having your basic pricing, your inquiry response should be loaded with info about the type of wedding you love to shoot, what clients can expect, links to full galleries, and a call to book their consult with you.

Make it quick, friendly, and informative.

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