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4 Things You Can Do Right Now to End the Burnout Cycle

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1. Automate Mundane Tasks

If you’re still manually sending proposals and invoices, reminder emails, print sales emails and testimonial requests, please STOP right now and start automating those boring tasks.

Software like Honeybook and other management options can do this all for you in a couple of clicks.

Free your time up to re-dedicate to filling your creative cup, your family, your social life, or just yourself.

Check out my Honeybook referral code here if you want to save some $$$ and get starting with these automations.

2. Designate One Day a Week as No Shooting

Mine’s Sunday. There’s football, there’s family. That’s it.

Except in very rare cases, I do not do any shooting, emailing, editing or the like.

3. Cap the Amount of Weddings You Take On Per Year

It’s SO tempting to just keep saying yes. But know your personal limits. This can be different for everyone. Some people can happily shoot 40 weddings a year, while others tap out at 10.

The trick here is to know thyself. Pick a number and stick to it. It’s a hard boundary to keep, but it’s worth it. And it probably also means the wedding you do say yes to will be more in alignment with your style and approach.

If you live in a seasonal wedding market, it can also be helpful to limit the amount of weddings you take from May to October, in order to spread the work around a bit more,

4. Client Communication Boundaries

Early in the client relationship, establish when, how often, and by what means you can be contacted.

Having clients text your personal number at 9pm on a Friday night isn’t good for anyone, and will quickly have you tearing your hair out.

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