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5 Wedding Photography Posing Tips

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Let’s face it, most of us aren’t actors or models, and being in front of the camera can be mega-weird.

I have an arsenal of cues and poses that I guide my couples through. From where to place hands, to where to look, to how to interact with one another. But that doesn’t mean my couples don’t have a part to play when it comes to creating beautiful images!

The more relaxed and comfortable you are with me, but more importantly, with each other, the better the photos will be.

So here are a few little tips to keep in mind when taking your wedding portraits.

1. Be Truly Affectionate

You guys are marrying each other!! Don’t be afraid to get cozy. If there’s too much space in between you, or you’re afraid to interact, it can look quite stiff and unnatural.

Couples are affectionate. And since we’re going for a natural and un-posed look, feel free to be affectionate with each other FOR REAL.

Kiss, hug, dance around, get your hands all over each other, whatever.

I know it can feel a bit strange when there’s a camera pointed at you, but holding back when it comes to affection only makes the photos look forced.

2. Soften Your Body

I find that “soften” is a much better cue than “act natural”. And it accomplishes the same thing!

Be mindful of what your body’s doing. Are your shoulders tense? Is your spine stiff as a board? Are your legs standing straight as an arrow?

Soften your body. Bend that knee, sway your head back and forth, move your hands around, etc. It look sooooo much better.

3. Kiss beautifully

I don’t cue a ton of kissy photos, but they’re always nice to have.

There are endless kissing styles out there, but by far the most un-photogenic is the pucker. You know what I mean, the “round mouth”, “pursed lips”, “way you’d kiss your grandma” kinda kiss.

You should approach every kiss as if you’re about to whisper a funny secret to your loved one. Your lips are slightly open and soft, and you have a bit of a smile. Only when you actually make contact should you make a forward movement with them.

If you’re not sure how you kiss, either review your engagement photos or take a selfie as you smooch.

4. Have Fun

Taking your photos is meant to be enjoyable!

I do everything I can to make taking your portraits an enjoyable experience. Even if you absolutely hate taking photos, I promise you’ll have more fun than you think.

So don’t stress!

5. Communicate

We all have preferences when it comes to the way we look. Don’t hesitate to share!

Worried about a double chin? Say something. Hate your profile? Say something. A good photographer will take your comments into consideration when cueing your poses.

The camera can’t avoid all of the things you don’t love about yourself, but your photographer can certainly try to minimize as much as possible.

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