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Unplugged Weddings | Should You Do It?

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No photo sign at a a lively lake wedding ceremony in Muskoka

Whenever we wedding photographers see a sign like the one above, we do a little happy dance. There’s nothing worse than an well-meaning but oblivious guest jumping in the middle of the aisle to get their shot, while completely ruining ours.

That being said, we live in a digital age, where people not only expect but demand to be able to document the day for their own use and enjoyment. Your family and friends are dying to Faceboook a photo of the two of you, and Insta your super pretty and delicious dessert table.

So, what’s a bride to do? Is there a compromise?

Indeed there is: the unplugged ceremony.

The best arrangement to ensure your photos turn out great while still appeasing your modern wedding goers, is to request that everyone put their phones deep in their pockets and clutches while you’re saying your vows. Then allow full photo privileges at any other time of day.

What are the benefits?

  1. You make sure your photographers have a clear look at all the important shots at this most important moment: walking down the aisle, the rings, the kiss, etc.
  2. People will be more present. There’s a nice thing about bearing witness to a wedding ceremony, and it’s hard to do when you’re trying to decide between the Aden and Lark filter.
  3. By allowing people to take photos at any other time of the day, you still get lots of fun images of the day from countless perspectives, AND you appease people insatiable camera needs


How to pull it off:

  1. Signs are key. Have a pretty, pleasant little (or big) sign asking that people refrain from capturing the moment.
  2. Your officiant can help. When they make their opening remarks, they can mention that the only people permitted to take photos are the photographers. It’s crucial that they make this announcement BEFORE you walk down the aisle. Otherwise, it kinda defeats the purpose doesn’t it?
  3. If you get some blow back from certain family members or guests who insist it’s their god given right to take photos, feel free to blame it on venue regulations or photographer contractual requirements. We’re happy to take the hit for you 🙂

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