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The Wedding Photographer’s Summer Survival Guide

It’s July! For us photographers, that means wedding season is in full swing, and also far from being over.

As lovely as it is to get to go out every weekend and capture love stories, it can be very draining on the mind and body. Our shoulders hurt from all the gear, our friends and family forget what we look like, and don’t even mention the hand cramping from all the editing. Remember Netflix guys? Those were the days.

However, there are strategies we can all use to keep our creative spirits up and our bodies rested through the coming months. I’d love to hear your tips on how to survive the wedding season too! Maybe I’ll even add them to the list.

1. Give yourself one full weekend off.

You gotta think ahead to orchestrate this. In about December or January when the year ahead is really taking shape, I take a weekend I’m not booked on and block it off.

Yep, that means TURNING DOWN weddings. I know, it’s hard. But it’s seriously worth it. Everyone needs to grant themselves those fleeting, wondrous summer weekends. If it can be a long weekend, even better.

This year, I’m leaving my phone at home (unless I chicken out at the last minute which is totally possible) and going to Prince Edward County with my fiancé to enjoy the wineries, country restaurants, and general summery goodness. But you can do whatever you want with this weekend, be it get away or spend it close to home with family and friends.

2. Actually take a day (or two) off during the week.

Yes actually.  Not “I’ll only respond to emails” kinda day, but really check out. Spend time with your loved ones, lay in a park or your couch, whatever.

You need to give your mind the space to wander away from your job and settle into a place of rest and enjoyment.

3. Eat well when you can

So much wedding food is omnomnom delicious, but a few too many pieces of cake and chicken supremes can leave your body lacking the fuel it needs to feel energized. You can always bring healthy snacks or green juices with you on shoot days. But also pack your non-wedding days with as much healthy goodness as you can.

And watch the over-caffeination (guilty!).

4. Get a hobby

A really great show on Netflix totally counts as a hobby. But if GLOW isn’t your thing, pick up a great book, an yoga practice, or a summer sport.

Forgetting all that editing that’s piling up, even if just for a moment, can do wonders.

5. Ask for help

Any other control freaks out there?! I feel ya. It’s taken me a long time to be able to delegate certain tasks that I really don’t like doing and that take up way too much of my time (white balance, ahem). Trustworthy helpers can take so much off your shoulders and help you focus on what really matters, both at work and at home.

6. Find THE BEST clients

If you love the people you’re working with, you’ll love your job even when you’re at your most tired. Do whatever you can to fill your summer with the most lovely, gracious, fun, inspiring couples. They’ll pick you up, always.

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