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Graydon Hall Wedding in the Rain | Alison and Christian

Thoughts Before the Wedding

A Graydon Hall wedding in the rain had no chance against these two. Alison and Christian are so much fun. They had an absolutely stunning wedding. May in Toronto as we know comes with its challenges, including rain. Alison and Christian not only faced the rain, they made the best of it. Not many couples or guests would be willing to face this, but they had a great attitude. I was worried slightly about how the rain might be handled but clearly, had nothing to worry about.

The Wedding

This party had started way before I arrived and I’m sure ended long after I left. There was no stopping Christian, Alison, and their epically fun bridal party and family. I lost count of the number of pretty things, and the number of times Christian kissed Alison halfway through the ceremony. The beauty of the ceremony and reception are almost indescribable. Everything beautifully and intricately arranged, complimented this couple amazingly. The blue and white color scheme not only looks gorgeous inside the venue, it looks gorgeous outside too. Very few can work with Toronto’s rainy days as gracefully as Alison and Christian did.

Thoughts After the Wedding

This couple is absolutely so much fun and beautiful! Alison and Christian were not only great to capture, they are great people. I’m so honored that I got to be apart of their big day! They turned the rain into pure magic. The blue and white color scheme matched perfectly with their personalities! This couple truly shone, sparkled, and dazzled at their Graydon Hall wedding in the rain. Thank you so much, Alison and Christian! You both and your guests were all so much fun! I’m so glad I got to be apart of your special day!

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