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The Benefits of Being “Multi-Niched”

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“Find your niche.” That’s what everyone always says. Find that one thing you really love and are really good at, and you’ll go far. There’s a ton to be said for that philosophy, especially when it comes to business. You can focus your efforts, hone your skills, find your target market, and put all your energy behind that one endeavour. 

But what if you love and want to do multiple things? I love taking photos of babies just as much as brides, and I love the creativity of shooting album covers just as much as my own personal projects. If you’ve ever perused my website, you can tell “finding my niche” is something I’ve never done.

To be honest, I would get bored doing just one thing. I find that having to think about completely different subjects from one day to the next keeps me sharp, creative and inspired. Being “multi-niched” is just the way I am.

Aside from being personally fulfilling, being multi-niched can help you in a practical, business sense too. It can provide multiple revenue streams, so when one stream goes through a down time (weddings in the middle of January) the others pick up the slack.

It allows to make contacts in many different fields. Those contacts know more contacts, who know more contacts and so on. You never know when having a wide variety of great people on your side can be helpful. 

But most importantly, being muti-niched makes you adaptable. Every industry–whether that be photography, marketing, computer science, you name it–evolves and changes, sometimes within the blink of an eye. Having multiple skills allows you to adapt to the winds of change. You can take those many skills you’ve fostered all along and apply them to new situations. All of the connections you’ve made in various areas of business will still be there as potential catalysts for new ventures. 

Where as, the person who directed all their efforts toward one thing, may find themselves stuck in a niche that’s no longer desirable or hireable. 

I learned a while ago that trying to focus on one thing would just never work for me. If you feel the same, start letting your multi-niches work for you!

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  1. MerietaB says:

    I completely agree! It’s always been hard for me to focus on just one thing and I love it, but others may think that I’m "all over the place"! Oh well! LOL

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