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Chicago, Chicago

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Last week, for the first, time I ventured to the windy city for four days of good old fashioned tourism. I spent a lot of time eating, walking, sightseeing (did I mention eating?) and enjoying my hotel’s free happy hour, but also found the time to take a few shots.

I didn’t want to lug a whole bunch of gear on the trip, so I decided to give myself a little challenge by only bringing my 50mm prime lens. It made me think extra hard about my positioning relative to the subject, and provided a unique perspective when it came to capturing the architecture. 

Chicago feels like a bit of a time capsule for 20th century industrialism. Although it has its modern additions, there’s a feeling that it hasn’t quite left the days of Al Capone, Wrigley, and C&O Railroads. It’s a rugged town with rugged people. 

Things I learned: I can’t finish a personal-sized deep dish pizza, they REALLY love their champion Blackhawks, it really is windy, Wrigley Field is a good place to get engaged, and never, ever, swim in the river.  

It’s a hell of a town! 

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