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Credit Valley Wedding | Sarah + Jeff

What happens when you get a drop dead gorgeous couple, a lovely later summer day, a stunning bridal party, loving families, and lots of champagne?

Beauty happens. This crazy, stunning Credit Valley wedding has all the sun-kissed moments every couple wants at their wedding.

Before the wedding

I met this could for the first time at coffee shop near their home. I was sitting there, seeing who was opening the door, and in walk the most classically good looking couple I’ve ever seen. “Please be them” I thought to myself. They were every photographers dream.

It was them, and I soon found out that they has as much beauty inside as out. We chatted about all their plans, what they wanted from their photography, and what was important to them.

Their engagement session in High Park went flawlessly. I couldn’t have been more exciting for the big day.

These people are seriously loved by those around them, and it was evident when I walked into the room where Sarah and all her birdesmaids her getting ready. It was a fun, happy atmosphere at the hotel, and they were a dream to photograph.

Jeff’s reaction as she came down the aisle brought a tear or two to my eye.

Credit Valley couldn’t have been a better setting, given that Sarah’s a former NCAA golfer, and Jeff knows how to handle a club himself.

The speeches, the dancing the cake, what can I say?

Sarah and Jeff, I wish you could marry each other over and over again so I could capture it every time.



Alix GouldAlix Gould wedding photographer Beautiful summer wedding at credit valley golf course

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  1. Andrea Bennett says:

    Stunning photos! Such a beautiful wedding…and couple!

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