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Close to Home – Engagement Shoot

Lately, it seems that a lot of couples are opting to do their engagement shoot close to home. Katie and Spencer are one of them!

I LOVE this trend for a bunch of reasons.

First, it makes it super easy for the couple. At a time when wedding planning can be taking up a lot of time and resources, not to mention every-day life busyness, having an engagement shoot close to home make it’s really uncomplicated.

Second, you can incorporate so many lovely personal touches (as you will see below).

Bust most importantly, having these photos provide a little time capsule of Katie and Spencer’s life together at this specific moment in time. They represent who they are, and how they live day to day. And that’s truly special.

Spencer is quite the amateur-carpenter! He build those bookshelves and made Katie’s engagement ring case out of a branch that hung over them on their second date. D’awwwwww.

That’s Candy. She’s 22!

No at home shoot would be complete without a cook book.

We did head outside, but every shot was taken within two blocks of their King and Bathurst condo.

You don’t have to travel far to find great backdrops. Toronto is FULL of hidden gems, you just have to know how to use them.

And when in doubt, a brick building is always your friend.

And as always, light is everything.

It’ll be a whole year before the wedding when I get to photograph these two again. Until then, keep smiling guys!

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  1. SAM says:

    WELL DONE! Very nice pictures. Candy looks like a kitten in the picture.

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