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Email Template Bundle

Get ALL 9 of my Email Templates PLUS my Planning Questionnaire Template.

These Templates are here to help you book more work, serve your clients, and increase your print sales without having to lift a finger. 

No more struggling to find the words!


Inquiry Response Email Template

Proposal Email Template

FOllow up email tempalte



Stop getting ghosted and book more work with this FREE resource. Just copy and paste.

You're almost there! Don't lose clients at this stage. Seal the deal!

One follow up is all you need. Make it count with this engaging template.

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Unavailable Email Template

ALbum and Print Sales Email Template

Gallery Delivery Email Template



Sending a response, even if you're booked, can lead to more work. Here's how.

Educate and excite your clients about the value of print. Sell more!

Send along with your final gallery and create an extra special experience! 


Not the best fit email template

FInal Reminders Email Template

collaboration request template



You see the red flags. Here's how to politely decline a wedding without the awkwardness.

Make the big day go extra smoothly with these essential last minute  client reminders.

Work with the best people for your next creative or style shoot.


Planning questionnaire template

If you're sending a million emails back and forth with your clients, STOP NOW

This Planning Questionnaire is everything you need to send to your clients. All the right questions to gather information and ensure a smoothly run wedding day.

You know what? Your photos will be that much better for it too.


Booking workflow

planning workflow

upload to delivery workflow



From inquiry to BOOKED! Don't lose a client along the way.

Help your clients create a smooth wedding day and make your images better too.

Stop spending days editing. Get consistent, beautiful and fast galleries!

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I believe that systems will change your business. Implement these Workflows to get more clients, create beautiful shooting conditions, and to deliver galleries that will leave your clients with the very best experience. 

Make your life easier.


I believe in working hard, not overworking.

I believe in feeling fulfilled by the work you've chosen. 

I believe in weekends off, summer vacations and a good night's sleep. 

I believe in spending as much time as you can with the people you love most. 

And I believe you can have a profitable, sustainable and fulfilling photography business that serves your clients at the same time.

Let me show you how.

Hey there, you wonderfully creative soul.

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