You made the difficult decision to postpone your wedding date due to Covid19. And with that date looming on the calendar, we can only imagine the feelings of sadness and disappointment that you may be feeling.

It doesn't have to be that way!

That original date is still an important milestone in your lives together. It should be honoured, and yes, even celebrated. So let's create some happy memories!

Celebrate Your Date

A finely curated bundle to Honour your original wedding date

Put on your wedding dress, little white dress, or your favourite outfit! Feel free to make this shoot your own by exchanging words of commitment, or honouring the special moment in whatever way you choose.

It will be beautiful in the photos, and will bring joy to your home for the whole week.

 It serves 6-10 (or just 2 if you're really ambitious). 4 popular flavours to choose from! 

You can write down everything you're feeling for eachother, and share it when the bigger celebration finally comes. 

The Celebrate Your Date Bundle includes:

1. One hour photoshoot with Alix Gould Photography.

2. Bridal bouquet from Rosehill Blooms.

3. Mini wedding cake by The Cocoa Cakery.

4. Personalized Vow Books by Papier June.

Get in Touch to Book

The Celebrate Your Date Bundle


A portion of the proceeds will go to the Daily Bread Food Bank, to help people in need during the Covid19 crisis.

It's time to create some happy memories.

All bookings will be tentative, and will only proceed if in alignment with government regulations.

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