How to Manage Emotions on a Wedding Day

So you’ve got the camera, you know how to use it, you even know how to use it well! That’s all you need to shoot a wedding right? Not so fast. There are so many skills you need to have to be a successful wedding photographer, and some of them have nothing to do with […]

Wedding Photography Editing Workflow

When I first started shooting weddings, I would spend hours and hours (and more hours) trying to perfect my images in post-production. I had no idea how to establish a wedding photography editing workflow. But when you shoot upwards of 25 weddings per year, you need to figure it out fast. I was SO OVER […]

Blogging, Where Do You Even Start?

You know you need to, you know you want to, but the task seems so daunting. Blogging can be a scary, but AMAZING way to communicate your message to the world. Bu I know what you’re asking yourself, “Where Do I even Start?!” Here are my 5 tips on how to start blogging, even when […]

Is it Possible to ‘Be Yourself’ Online? No. And Stop Pretending It Is

If you follow my Instagram stories, you may have noticed I took a little road trip with some close friends to Buffalo last weekend to catch the Bills game. It was 24 hours full of chicken wings, beer, tailgating, and football. I had SUCH a great time. This kinda weekend is totally my jam. But […]

How To Convert Your Photos to Black & White + FREE LIGHTROOM PRESET

I LOVE LOVE LOVE black and white photos. How much do I love them? So much that I want to share with you my process for creating stunning, classic, and timeless black and white imagery. My free Lightroom Preset is available at the bottom of this post. But first, learn when and how to PROPERLY […]

The Hustle is Bulls**t – Work Smart, not Hard

I’m gonna say something really controversial in the entrepreneurial world. The hustle is bullshit. There’s a cult mentality around owning your own business. In order to be in this cult, you have to make the hustle the centre of your life. You have to get up everyday with your business at the top of your […]

I Will Not Be Intimidated

I’ve lost track, but I’ve shot somewhere around 130 weddings. Of those 130, 129 of my clients have been so, so amazing. I’ve cherished being able to capture their memories for them, and have even made a few friends along the way. But then, there’s the 1. In recent days, I had to make some […]

How to Shoot a First Look

I love first looks. They’re such a lovely way for couples to see each other for the first time on their wedding day, have a private moment, and bask in each other’s love. So here’s a great guide on how to shoot a first look. If you’re asking ourself, “Um, what’s a first look?” It’s […]

The Definitive Guide to Lens Choices

When I first started, the only lens I owned was my trusty 18-55mm kit lens. Was it great? No. But it did the trick for a while.¬†As I started to broaden my photography horizons, it just just didn’t cut it anymore. Since, I’ve learned a lot about what lenses are appropriate for certain situations on […]