5 Things I Learned Being a Bride

I have photographed 100+ weddings. So when it came time for me to be the bride, I figured, “No biggie. I’ve seen it all. I know what to expect!” Oh how wrong I was. I had NO idea what it was like to be a bride. Your own wedding day is truly an incredible experience. […]

My Top 5 Wedding Planning Tips, One Month Out

As I’ve been capturing the most lovely weddings of some of the best clients I could ask for all summer long, I’ve also been planning my very own big day. And oh man, do I ever some wedding planning tips I wish someone had told me. Sure, maybe the timing wasn’t the wisest (whatever I […]

7 Key Summer Wedding Planning Tips

Summer sounds like the perfect time to have your wedding. You have plenty of gorgeous options right here in Toronto, from hip downtown locations to romantic estates on the outskirts of the city–not to mention the fact that when you and your spouse head off on your honeymoon, you’ll have your choice of amazing, warm […]

Cool Green and Shady Talks Wedding Flower Trends | See the Pretty!

If you’re like me, flowers are a bit of a mystery. I can barely tell a ranunculus from an anemone from a hydrangea (I had to look up the spelling for all three). So instead, I turned to Cool Green and Shady to shed some sunlight on the flower world. Cool Green and Shady supplies […]

The Definitive Answer to “Should I do a First Look?”

Should I do a first look? It’s one of the most frequent questions I get asked as a wedding photographer. There’s no right or wrong answer. Like so many decisions when it comes to your wedding, the answer is, “it depends”. There are lots of factors going into making this decision, so I’ll break it […]

How a DJ Can Make or Break Your Wedding

Let me guess. Other than walking down the aisle and saying your vows, you CAN’T WAIT to get to the end of the night for the party to begin. But hold on. Here’s some insight on how a DJ can make or break your wedding. Not all wedding DJs are created equal. And no, it’s […]

How To Pick a Wedding Venue + My 5 Faves

You’re engaged! What an exciting, wonderful time in life. Next step: book your venue! It may seem a bit overwhelming at this point, but here are a few tips on how to navigate the venue scene, and my top picks for the best wedding venues in Toronto. I got engaged last spring, and was SO […]

5 Expert Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer BEFORE You Book

You’re engaged!!! What a wonderful, exciting time in life. There is so much involved in wedding planning, it can be a bit overwhelming. And while I can’t help you finalize your guest list or choose your meal options, I CAN help you make the best choice when it comes to your photographer. So whether you’re […]

When it Comes to Your Wedding, What’s Too Much Money?

I’ve had a complex around spending money my whole life. I’ve felt guilty doing it, like I didn’t deserve it, or like I was being waaaaay too extra. It’s only in recent years that I’ve realized spending money on myself is an act of reaffirming that I deserve nice things and experiences just as much […]

Why You Should “Do You” at Your Wedding

The countdown is on! I have just less than a year until my wedding day. Doing what I do for a living, I’ve seen it all. I’ve witnessed so many great weddings days, with countless ideas, details, approaches, and traditions. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, and I’ve been taking notes in the back […]